Osteopath Dr Phil's Tips


Migraines can be a very severe and crippling affliction. But, over my decades of practice I will have seen 50 or 60 bad sufferers, with about 85% clear-up rate. In fact the worse they are the more successful the treatment! Apart from unbearable pain the condition can have many other features. Visual symptoms, nausea, depersonalization and the need for isolation and darkness are common. Bodyparts away from the head are often affected: with weird sensations, spasms of gut, numbness, odd speech, plus pins and needles cropping up all over the place. Exhaustion after an attack is usual.

Many Factors

Hormones, dietary and metabolic triggers, eyesight, social and occupational pressures, body type and muscular knotting may all be part of the picture. Most obvious to the osteopath are the tensions displaced from the face to the jaw and skull muscles, plus the deep muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle. Rebalancing all of this is very challenging, but can be done.


Progress is very easy to monitor here. Sadly orthodox medicine only attempts to abort attacks with powerful drugs. Some are very toxic and dangerous, and deaths are not unknown. Good body therapy is far more successful. It is non-toxic but slow; most taking six months or more.

The Person

I have been lucky to have treated so many interesting migrainers. These are very capable creative people in music, law and administration, the arts and charities; some of them great mums and dads; some just fine and quirky human beings. They can learn very quickly to release the jaw and manage feelings of rage and terror, embarrassment and inadequacy very differently. Once they get going they engage with a very bouncy sense of fun; letting go of their surplus tenacity and grim determination, repacing themselves to enjoy a more full and balanced existence. YES. I think more than 85% of them canleave migraines behind.